Qigong Classes

May 15th, 2019

CQA now offers Qigong classes. Joseph Rockman will be teaching the Qigong classes. He has been practicing Qigong for 20 years and has an extensive history of martial arts and Qigong background. We will be offering these classes once a week at this time and slowly building up to more classes as we see the participation. If you want to come to a class, either just show up or text Joseph at 917-803-5136. The classes are small and we can only have approximately 10 people per class. It is $20 per class and the class is an hour long. 

Qigong is for health and longevity. It literally means “Qi and Breathe Training”. It is a part of Kung Fu training and it is required to have the strength, flexibility, and focus to practice Kung Fu. When practiced alone without the martial applications it can have great affects on your health. These exercises coincide with acupuncture and increase the strength of your body and it’s vital organs. The exercises have been known to lower blood pressure, lower blood sugar, calm stress, help with ADHD/ADD, increase energy, open the lymphatic system, and much more. See the link on the research from https://www.worldtaichiday.org/WTCQDHlthBenft.html

Hope to see you in class.

Acupuncture therapy for drug addiction

August 8th, 2016

There is an enormous amount of research on acupuncture and addiction. Researchers have been testing acupuncture for more than 15 years and documenting their studies. Here is an interesting article on the amount of people out in the world who want to know how acupuncture can help in addiction.

Have a look at the article:


Herbal Insights | Muscle Insight

December 22nd, 2014

Muscle Insight is a unique formulation for minor muscle spasms and inflammation associated with low back aches, foot cramps, or calf cramps. It may help headaches and minor pre-menstrual cramping. If taken before or just after exercise, you will not feel as sore over the next few days. The remedy is designed to correct the problem so you don’t have to take the formulation forever to keep working. Recommended dosages are:  2-3 pills 2 times daily between meals with water. www.herbalinsightsinc.com

What Causes Muscle Spasms?

June 16th, 2011

As an acupuncturist, I have seen many people come through my doors with all sorts of pains and unusual complaints of random sensations which were uncomfortable, and caused everyday living to be difficult. Over time, I started having people take magnesium, and/or calcium supplements. In addition, I encouraged people to drink more water and consume more fruits high in potassium to replace lost electrolytes. As a result, I saw better outcomes with the addition of acupuncture which is also great for muscle spasms, although it can be a little sensitive when doing acupuncture therapy for muscles in spasm.

Here is a great article on muscle spasms and what type of supplements to consider. There are many Chinese herbal medicinals which can deal with muscle spasms as well.

Muscle spasms and cramps occur when a muscle contracts involuntarily and painfully. There are a number of causes of muscle spasms, ranging from nutritional deficiency to serious nervous system conditions. If you experience sharp, extremely painful muscle spasms in your neck or back, you should see a physician, as these can be symptoms of a ruptured or bulging disc in your spine. If left untreated, this could have extremely serious consequences.


Acupuncture can be a great tool for treating muscle spasm and possibly reversing the spasm all together.

Acupuncture on the Big Screen “9000 Needles”

March 28th, 2011

9000 Needles is bringing acupuncture to the masses. The documentary follows Devin Dearth, a 40-year-old former bodybuilder, to China, where he is treated with acupuncture after suffering a massive stroke.

Acupuncture has helped many people who have suffered from stroke. In China, there are entire hospitals with multipe floors dedicated to treating post stroke victims. The protocol is rigid with people receiving treatments as much as five or six days a week. There are many acupuncture techniques and treatments can be up to eight hours in a single day for therapy. When a person suffers from a stroke, it is critical to begin acupuncture as soon after the stroke is stabilized to succeed in full recovery or the best recovery. The longer a post stroke victim waits, the less chance there is for recovery. There are many books written on this subject and there is a world of knowledge out there on acupuncture as it relates to stroke victims.

Also, watch video clips: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSJLn7AKGY0

Acupuncture and Menopause

October 15th, 2009

Read more…

Can acupuncture help women with menopause? Yes, it certainly can. Many women have been dealing with this through the centuries and acupuncture has been beneficial to people suffering with hotflashes, irritability, nightsweats due to menopause. Read this article to learn more on how acupuncture can help.

Military tries ‘battlefield’ acupuncture to ease pain

December 30th, 2008

By David WoodDecember 11, 2008ANDREWS AIR FORCE BASE


Using ancient Chinese medical techniques, a small team of military doctors here has begun treating wounded troops suffering from severe or chronic pain with acupuncture.

The technique is proving so successful that the Air Force will begin teaching “battlefield acupuncture” early next year to physicians deploying to Iraq and Afghanistan, senior officials will announce tomorrow.

The initiative marks the first high-level endorsement of acupuncture by the traditionally conservative military medical community, officials said.

Using tiny needles that barely penetrate the skin of a patient’s ear, Air Force doctors here say they can interrupt pain signals going to the brain.

Their experience over several years indicates the technique developed by Col. Richard Niemtzow, an Air Force physician, can relieve even unbearable pain for days at a time.


Chinese Medicine ‘Eases Eczema’ – 10/13/08

November 10th, 2008

A traditional Chinese herbal medicine consisting of five herbs may ease eczema symptoms, a study suggests. Researchers found the treatment reduced the need for conventional medicines, and improved the quality of life for young patients with atopic eczema. More….

Studies Find Acupuncture Cuts Post-Surgical Pain 10/17/07

November 10th, 2008

The use of acupuncture before and during surgery reduces patients’ post-operative pain as well as the need for pain-killing medication, researchers said on Tuesday. Read more….  


October 21st, 2008

Channels or meridians which run along certain areas of the body can be utilized for healing. These channels run along the arms, legs, and torso both front and back of the body. They are pathways which move qi, (or chi) blood, and body fluids from one area of the body to the other. These channels have to flow smoothly in order for the body to be in harmony or in other words in good health. The channels also have an organ assigned to that channel. For example, there are six channels which run along the arm, one of them is called “the heart channel”  which is on the inner side of the arm, points along this channel can either help the heart organ itself or help the arm along that channel if there is a blockage associated to that channel. The points can also be used to treat another which is not healthy. For instance, if a person has neck/shoulder pain, a point on the “heart channel” near the wrist may be used to treat “the gall bladder” channel which is located on the shoulder and part of the neck. This point will unblock the channel when needled to allow the free flow of qi, and the person will feel pain relief in that area on the gall bladder channel. This allows a person to get treatment without aggravating the area which is in pain. This way there is no pain during treatment which makes the treatment easier to do. The treatments will eventually correct the problem within a few weeks of treatment.