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Qigong Classes

Wednesday, May 15th, 2019

CQA now offers Qigong classes. Joseph Rockman will be teaching the Qigong classes. He has been practicing Qigong for 20 years and has an extensive history of martial arts and Qigong background. We will be offering these classes once a week at this time and slowly building up to more classes as we see the participation. If you want to come to a class, either just show up or text Joseph at 917-803-5136. The classes are small and we can only have approximately 10 people per class. It is $20 per class and the class is an hour long. 

Qigong is for health and longevity. It literally means “Qi and Breathe Training”. It is a part of Kung Fu training and it is required to have the strength, flexibility, and focus to practice Kung Fu. When practiced alone without the martial applications it can have great affects on your health. These exercises coincide with acupuncture and increase the strength of your body and it’s vital organs. The exercises have been known to lower blood pressure, lower blood sugar, calm stress, help with ADHD/ADD, increase energy, open the lymphatic system, and much more. See the link on the research from

Hope to see you in class.