Acupuncture on the Big Screen “9000 Needles”

9000 Needles is bringing acupuncture to the masses. The documentary follows Devin Dearth, a 40-year-old former bodybuilder, to China, where he is treated with acupuncture after suffering a massive stroke.

Acupuncture has helped many people who have suffered from stroke. In China, there are entire hospitals with multipe floors dedicated to treating post stroke victims. The protocol is rigid with people receiving treatments as much as five or six days a week. There are many acupuncture techniques and treatments can be up to eight hours in a single day for therapy. When a person suffers from a stroke, it is critical to begin acupuncture as soon after the stroke is stabilized to succeed in full recovery or the best recovery. The longer a post stroke victim waits, the less chance there is for recovery. There are many books written on this subject and there is a world of knowledge out there on acupuncture as it relates to stroke victims.

Also, watch video clips:

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