Channels or meridians which run along certain areas of the body can be utilized for healing. These channels run along the arms, legs, and torso both front and back of the body. They are pathways which move qi, (or chi) blood, and body fluids from one area of the body to the other. These channels have to flow smoothly in order for the body to be in harmony or in other words in good health. The channels also have an organ assigned to that channel. For example, there are six channels which run along the arm, one of them is called “the heart channel”  which is on the inner side of the arm, points along this channel can either help the heart organ itself or help the arm along that channel if there is a blockage associated to that channel. The points can also be used to treat another which is not healthy. For instance, if a person has neck/shoulder pain, a point on the “heart channel” near the wrist may be used to treat “the gall bladder” channel which is located on the shoulder and part of the neck. This point will unblock the channel when needled to allow the free flow of qi, and the person will feel pain relief in that area on the gall bladder channel. This allows a person to get treatment without aggravating the area which is in pain. This way there is no pain during treatment which makes the treatment easier to do. The treatments will eventually correct the problem within a few weeks of treatment.

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